Unveiling Rizzy Rackz: The Evolution Behind ‘Risky Business Deluxe’

Unveiling Rizzy Rackz: The Evolution Behind 'Risky Business Deluxe'

Rising from the streets of Richmond, Virginia, Rizzy Rackz has emerged with a new chapter in his musical journey: Risky Business Deluxe Edition. This expanded album not only enriches his original release with fifteen tracks but also introduces fresh perspectives and collaborations, including the standout single “No Drill.” Known for his gritty narratives and versatile style, Rizzy dives deeper into personal and societal themes, blending introspection with raw energy. Join us as we delve into the creative process behind this deluxe release, explore the stories behind his collaborations, and uncover what drives his evolving artistry in the vibrant world of hip-hop.

Kim Ethel: Rizzy, congratulations on the release of Risky Business Deluxe! Can you tell us what inspired you to expand on the original Risky Business album and create this deluxe edition?

Rizzy Rackz: Thank you for that! The main reason was because I felt the album needed “Loving Me Baby” on it. But I wanted to add something new and unreleased too, so “No Drill” was the perfect song for that. I want to start pushing that one too; you feel it. The other 2 songs I added were just good songs that I knew my fans would like, & I thought they fit the project, so you know.

Kim Ethel: Let’s talk about your new song, “No Drill,” and the meaning of this song to you.

Rizzy Rackz:No Drill” started out as random thoughts on how I was feeling about certain things in my real life. That was like the first 4-6 bars, and then my thoughts just went where they went. The song really ended up being a message for the streets to get some money & cool off from all the drilling you feel. Save your money so you can make real moves with it. Money & unity, or peace, are good for everybody & their families. 

Kim Ethel: You’ve got some great collaborations on this album, like “Pressure” with FNF Chop and “Gimme My Bag” with Luh Kiddo. How did these partnerships come about, and what was the creative process like for these tracks?

Rizzy Rackz: Both collabs came naturally because we’re all from the same city, and I already had songs with both of them individually. For “Pressure,” I wanted to come strong on a beat with a little bop to it. I was just rapping one long rap when I came up with that heavy pressure part, & I said that’s the hook. I went to YellowHouse Studio to get it mixed by John Doe. When I got there, Chop was sleeping in the studio, lol. I told him if he liked it, it’s an open verse. When Doe finished mixing it, Chop went straight into the booth & dropped his verse. He was crazy with it! “Gimmie My Bag” was a song I had recorded, but most of my songs are for real. I was playing songs at the WTO studio with Kiddo & Nolia. Kiddo liked that one & went straight into the booth & did his thang. Smoked it!

Kim Ethel: How did the music culture of your hometown affect your choice of style?

Rizzy Rackz: I don’t really choose my style. It just came naturally because of the kind of music & vibes I like. My city is gritty, though, and the majority of it—not all but the majority—is street. So the streets are naturally in my lyrics. Some of my songs are smooth with it, & some of them are more fierce and direct. Regardless of the style or delivery, one thing about my city is that we listen to the lyrics, so the bars have to hit too or be super relatable.

Kim Ethel: What is your most underrated but favorite song of yours?

Rizzy Rackz: It’s kind of hard to pick. I feel like none of them have had the maximum exposure & reached their full potential, so they’re all still underrated to me. But if I had to pick one, maybe “Big Dawg.”

Kim Ethel: Where did your artist name come from?

Rizzy Rackz: My name came naturally, as a teenager, before I even started making music. One day somebody was like, “You always have to stack money but never buy anything. Imma call you Rackz.” Then I just ran with it. Some time later, I noticed one of my partners had my name saved on his phone as Rizzy. By this time, I was making music, so I was already looking for a first name to add to Rackz. Rizzy was perfect for me. 

Kim Ethel: What has been your greatest musical achievement?

Rizzy Rackz: Honing my own distinctive sound and making it appealing was my first accomplishment. I’m still fine-tuning that to this day. The messages I get from people telling me how good I am or how much they like the music are, to me, my greatest musical achievement so far. They tell me to keep going and don’t stop, because my potential is great. They tell me their favorite songs & that they see me at the top of the charts. I’ve saved a bunch of screenshots of these types of messages. Random people from all over the world, including my home city. The music is translating, and people are loving it. It makes me feel like I’m winning and I’m doing something right.

Kim Ethel: If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be?

Rizzy Rackz: I think I would want to open up for Future. I feel like he got that audience. Plus, other than myself, he’s my favorite artist.

Kim Ethel: What do you want people to feel when listening to your music? 

Rizzy Rackz: I want them to feel motivated & positive about life. I want them to feel soulful. I want my music to hit them in their chest. They can see my life experiences in my lyrics. Many will be able to relate. For the ones that can’t directly relate, I want the music to be so translating and catchy that they feel like they can relate. 

Kim Ethel: What else are you working on? What can we expect to see and hear from you in the future?

Rizzy Rackz: I gotta hard drive full of music. So I’m gearing up for more releases. Might drop a few singles, then another project. Definitely check out that “Loving Me Baby” official video that’s out now. It’s a masterpiece! Expect to see me on some of your favorite platforms soon. Just more, more, more. More of everything. Oh, and improving. Definitely expect to see me getting better. At everything!

As we wrap up our conversation with Rizzy Rackz about Risky Business Deluxe, it’s evident that his music is a compelling blend of personal narrative and artistic growth. Stay tuned for more updates and releases from Rizzy as he continues to carve his path in the music industry with his distinct style and unwavering dedication.