Ariana Grande Drops Fresh Remix of ‘The Boy Is Mine’ with Brandy and Monica: Listen Now

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has teamed up with R&B legends Brandy and Monica for a remix of her track “The Boy Is Mine”, released on Friday, June 21. This collaboration brings together three influential voices for a new take on the classic 1998 hit that originally saw Brandy and Monica spend 13 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Grande announced the remix earlier in the week with an Instagram post expressing her excitement and gratitude. “I cannot believe this is real,” she wrote. “My deepest and sincerest thank you to Brandy and Monica, not only for joining me for this moment but for your generosity, your kindness, and for the countless ways in which you have inspired me. This is in celebration of you both and the impact you have had on every vocalist, vocal producer, musician, and artist creating today.”

The original “The Boy Is Mine” was a huge success for Brandy and Monica, establishing them as major figures in R&B. This new remix with Grande brings a modern twist to the classic, appealing to both long-time fans and new listeners. Grande’s version stays true to the spirit of the original while adding her unique style.

The collaboration extends beyond the track itself. Brandy and Monica also appear in the music video for “The Boy Is Mine”, featuring Grande in a Catwoman-esque role and Penn Badgley as her co-star. The video adds a fresh visual element to the song, enhancing its impact and bringing a new perspective to the story originally told in the 1998 hit.

“The Boy Is Mine” remix is the third single from Grande’s album Eternal Sunshine, following the “Yes, And?” and “We Can’t Be Friends.” This album showcases Grande’s ability to blend different musical influences, and by collaborating with Brandy and Monica, she honors her musical inspirations while introducing new sounds.

Grande’s announcement and the release of the remix have been met with enthusiasm from fans. This collaboration is seen as a tribute to the original song and a recognition of Brandy and Monica’s influence on the music industry.

In her Instagram post, Grande emphasized the personal significance of this collaboration, expressing her admiration for Brandy and Monica. This respect is evident in the care she took to honor the legacy of the original song while adding her distinctive touch.

The release of “The Boy Is Mine” remix is a notable moment in Grande’s career, highlighting her ability to create meaningful collaborations and produce music that bridges different eras of R&B. As the third single from Eternal Sunshine, it reinforces the album’s themes of connection and nostalgia, blending past and present.

Ariana Grande’s collaboration with Brandy and Monica on the remix of “The Boy Is Mine” celebrates the legacy of the original song while introducing it to a new generation of listeners. This remix is a significant addition to Grande’s discography and a fitting tribute to two R&B icons.