Ewura Abena on Faith, Music, and the Power of Hope

ewura abena

Ewura Abena’s career in music is a profound narrative of transformation and spiritual resilience. In our conversation, she reflects on the defining release of her latest album, “REBIRTH (Mary’s Child),” a moment that not only cemented her path in music but also highlighted her profound impact on listeners.

With vivid accounts of fans sharing tales of recovered hope through her melodies, Ewura Abena’s experiences underscore a deeper calling. She shares insights into overcoming profound personal crises, her spiritual routines that nurture her creativity, and the evocative symbolism in her upcoming video for “Warrior.”

Question: Could you share a pivotal moment in your career that affirmed your decision to pursue music professionally?

Answer: The release of my latest album “REBIRTH (Mary’s Child)” brought a firm confirmation of who I am. I had a call from management that a section of my fans wanted a meet-and-greet with me. The event was organised by themselves. As I got to the event premises I marvelled at the reception. A grand style welcome it was. At the meeting, I witnessed  tangible evidence of what God is doing through me and my ministry. Listening to them share their stories of how they lost hope and wanted to harm themselves but God through my songs restored their hopes brought tears to my eyes. I told myself “This is what I was called to do.”

Question: Can you recall a particularly challenging obstacle you faced in your career, and how did you overcome it?

Answer: I have had a very difficult career journey that made me doubt my music career and ministry. I saw how everything I invested into my craft appeared wasted. I decided not to pursue music again in 2016 after my 3rd album. I sunk into depression and anxiety. But at my lowest I found a very personal relationship with God that changed everything for me. I found him, a father and a friend. I found his peace and I realised that was all I needed. The personal place came with a strength and courage born from my complete hope and trust in his love and will for me. This is all I have now  and it keeps going. 

Question: What significance does the title “Warrior Queen” hold for you, both personally and artistically?

Answer: Life has dealt with me. I have had my fair share of life’s battles. I have fought through the thickest darkness and valleys. I sometimes wonder how I made it this far. The fires didn’t burn but purged me. The darkness didn’t kill my shine but gave me room to shine brighter. I am a WARRIOR QUEEN because defeat has nothing on me. Christ was ahead of me and I only collected the trophies after him. No battle is too fierce . No weapon is too powerful. No enemy is too strong. I am a WARRIOR QUEEN. That name reminds me of all the battles I have fought to get this far and again assures me that there is nothing I cannot do through Christ. I was born a WARRIOR. This name reminds of my core mandate as a musician and a minstrel. I sing hope and peace in Christ.

Question: Are there any specific rituals or practices you engage in to maintain your creativity and inspiration?

Answer: I am a very spiritual person. I worship. I do it intentionally and with full attention to him. Every moment of my life is  dedicated to the King. I make a conscious effort to appreciate and recognise the presence of the Holy Spirit around me. And that is the source of my inspiration. The deeper I meditate on him, the deeper the songs I get. It’s like a connection of hearts between humanity and divinity. A pouring of immortality and mortality. I just love how his presence makes me feel.

Question: Looking back on your musical journey so far, what do you consider to be your proudest achievement?

Answer: My proudest moments are when fans hit my inbox or call to say how my songs brought them hope. So definitely my proudest achievement is the number of people who have found hope through my songs.

Question: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your upcoming music video for “Warrior”?

Answer: “Warrior” came from my victory over a fierce battle between my soul and mind which gave strength to my bones and body. I was at the point that my mind wanted to give but suddenly my soul gave me reasons to keep pushing and fighting. This translates into the making of this video. I poured every bit of this energy from the source of the song into the video and it gave it a loud voice that can only be by the soul. 

Question: What message do you hope to convey to your audience through the visuals of “Warrior”?

Answer: I hope that everyone that watches this video finds strength from within. A fire that can not be quenched. Spirit that can not be hushed. A daring soul that can not be tamed by fear. I see warriors made out of this music and video.

Question: Could you share any memorable moments from the filming or production process of the “Warrior” music video?

Answer: The battlefield performance of the video was the most memorable moment from the production of the video. It was shot late into the night when I was already tired and worn out. This scene notices tough ropes tied around my waist and pulled on by four characters who symbolised rejection, failure, disappointment and depression. This brought alive my past battles. With these hurdlesI felt pushed to relive my struggles during the tough phases of my life. I really felt the lyrics of the song pushing through and I could feel strength gushing through my pain into my bones and soul. The “Warrior” video production was more than just a video making to me. It was a reality replay to me.

Question: Your latest album, “REBIRTH (Mary’s Child),” features tracks like “This Far,” “It Is Finished,” and “Warrior.” Can you share a bit about the overarching themes of this album and how it relates to your personal journey?

Answer: The REBIRTH (Mary’s Child) album is a pack of divine bliss. Every track on the album comes from a very deep and personal place with God to whisper hope and peace into every ear that listens. It is my life on beat. My story in lyrics. It talks of my journey with grace and mercy. Every bit of this album speaks HOPE into every heart that connects with it.

Question: In what ways do you hope your music contributes to positive change or uplifts those who listen to it?

Answer: I am on a rescue mission and I have high hopes that anyone who listens to my music will find strength from within. I sing hope and peace in Christ and I pray that my music brings people from a place of chaos into peace in Christ. I pray I sing hope into every hopeless situation. I hope my music helps people to find a deeper relationship with God and a reason to put trust in him.