Varun Sheel Releases New Single “More than Friends”

Varun Sheel Releases New Single "More than Friends"

Varun Sheel, an up-and-coming indie pop artist, has released his latest single, “More than Friends,” a heartfelt exploration of the complexities of relationships, expressed through Varun’s unique musical style.

Varun Sheel‘s musical journey started early, growing up in a household rich with musical traditions. Influenced by a blend of Western and Bollywood sounds from a young age, he developed an eclectic musical style. Learning the guitar through YouTube tutorials and eventually leading his own bands, Varun has undergone a remarkable evolution in his musical career.

“I wanted this song to transport the listener to a simple time, before texting, before Instagram, before these conversations would occur over Snapchat.”

Varun Sheel

The song creates an atmosphere of nostalgia with its use of looped guitars and synthesizers that echo the 1980s. Varun’s engaging storytelling, paired with his soulful delivery, captures the listener’s attention from the first note. The chorus, with its catchy melody and relatable theme, is bound to resonate with a wide audience.

“More than Friends” is now available below. Fans can follow Varun Sheel on social media for updates on upcoming projects and performances. As Varun Sheel continues to redefine the indie pop music scene, he remains a compelling artist to follow closely.