Ben Böhmer Drops Fresh Beats with His New Album “Bloom”

Ben Böhmer

This German electronic music pro Ben Böhmer takes us through a journey of self-sabotage with “Best Life,” the first single off his new album, Bloom. Launched today, the song features the talents of JONAH, blending indie vibes with a hint of sweet sadness. It perfectly captures the strange feeling of looking back at past mistakes while life pulls you forward. The lyrics touch on past errors and fraying relationships, like a reflection of our own minds when we face the sting of lost connections.

JONAH’s heartfelt line, “Look at me and say it’s alright,” floats over Böhmer’s thrilling beats, voicing a desperate call for forgiveness and wondering if love can survive our own self-made storms. The vivid memory of a past love “dancing in the headlights” pulls us deeper into a state of wistfulness.

Ben Böhmer shared , “‘Best Life’ wasn’t planned, but it came from a real place of shared vulnerabilities with my buddy Angelo from JONAH. The line ‘Best Life, I just messed it up’ hit hard, and the song unfolded as a way to navigate the ups and downs of life, the missteps, and the people we lose along the way. These moments mark us, shaping who we are. I wanted this song to reflect that raw truth and openness. We all stumble and face hurdles, but it’s all about owning those flaws, learning, and pushing ahead.”


1. Martin
2. Hiding (feat. Lykke Li)
3. Best Life (feat. JONAH)
4. Memory Cassettes
5. Beautiful (feat. Malou)
6. Faithless (feat. Erin LeCount)
7. Rust
8. Evermore (feat. Enfant Sauvage)
9. Rain (feat. Max Milner)
10. The Sun (feat. Oh Wonder)
11. Blossoms