JoJo Unveils Upcoming Memoir ‘Over the Influence’: ‘A Deeply Personal and Transformative Journey’


JoJo, the singer known for her hit “Leave (Get Out)“, is sharing her life story in a raw memoir titled Over the Influence, set to be published by Hachette Books on September 17. The announcement, made on June 4, was accompanied by an Instagram post featuring the book’s cover – a close-up of JoJo’s face – and a heartfelt message about the book’s creation.

For the past 18 months, JoJo, born Joanna Noëlle Levesque, has poured her heart into writing this memoir, describing the process as working “like a madwoman in my little emotional cocoon.” In her Instagram note, she expressed that the book is for anyone who has ever felt lost or disconnected but remained determined to find themselves and a new way of being.

JoJo started the memoir a couple of years ago, realizing that the 20th anniversary of her debut album was approaching. This milestone inspired her to outline what would become her life story. The memoir delves into themes of addiction, generational trauma, the pressures of fame, personal growth, and the evolving music industry. JoJo candidly shares her experiences, aiming to offer a cautionary tale that only she could tell.

Reflecting on her past, JoJo admits it has been a journey to revisit her life, noting the “blind spots and patterns and the fear” that influenced many of her decisions. Despite these challenges, she also recognizes the blessings she has encountered. Her definition of success has evolved since her career began at age six, now focusing on happiness, connection, and pride in her work.

JoJo emphasized that she wrote every word of the memoir herself, calling it the most challenging yet meaningful project she has undertaken. She acknowledged feeling nervous about sharing such a personal story but remains proud of the final product.

Before her rise to fame, JoJo appeared on shows like Kids Say the Darndest Things, America’s Most Talented Kids, and Destination Stardom. She eventually signed with Blackground Records and Da Family Entertainment, releasing her self-titled debut album in 2004, which peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200. However, her third album faced numerous delays due to a legal dispute with her record label. This conflict led her to sign with Atlantic Records in 2014, releasing her third album, Mad Love, in 2016. JoJo has also guest-starred on several TV shows and made her Broadway debut in 2023 as Satine in Moulin Rouge! The Musical.

Hachette Books describes the memoir as “breathtakingly candid,” highlighting JoJo’s resilience in overcoming adversity. The book details her upbringing with parents who struggled with addiction and depression, her legal battles with her record label, and her journey of self-reconstruction. JoJo now releases music under her own label, performs globally, and stars on Broadway, embodying a story of triumph.

Check out JoJo’s announcement of Over the Influence below and stay tuned for this deeply personal and transformative read.