Discover Serenity with Kehlani’s Latest Hit, ‘Right Beside You’


Kehlani is diving headfirst into the world of love. With their fourth album, Crash, just around the corner, they’ve gifted us with “Next 2 U” – a tender, dreamy love song.

In this track, Kehlani finds themselves completely smitten, embracing the bliss of infatuation. After weathering heartaches of all kinds, they’re ready to open up their heart and let love in.

“Your love’s like sunshine, brightening my world. It’s vast, like an endless river. And if I go, I’ve already found love. I know what it’s like to feel at peace, even in the face of chaos,” croons Kehlani in the chorus.

Known for their emotional depth, Kehlani opened up about the making of Crash in a chat with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. They shared that this album was a blast to create, unlike any other project they’ve worked on before.

“For once, I wanted to create something purely joyful, without being tied to past stories or traumas. As we journey through this process and connect with fans, I’m filled with nothing but happiness,” Kehlani revealed.