Inside “Back to Black”: Recreating Amy Winehouse’s Iconic Look

amy winehouse

The biopic “Back to Black” meticulously recreates Amy Winehouse’s iconic style, which remains instantly recognizable more than a decade after her passing.

Marisa Abela portrays Winehouse from her early career beginnings to her peak as a musical sensation in the film named after her acclaimed album.

Costume designer PC Williams, responsible for capturing Winehouse’s evolution, adapted her distinctive wardrobe for the screen, blending historical accuracy with cinematic flair.

Drawing inspiration from Winehouse’s real-life imagery, Williams aimed to authentically portray the singer’s transformation without simply mirroring a documentary.

The challenge of replicating Winehouse’s unique beehive hairstyle led makeup artist Peta Dunstall to use a mix of extensions and hairpieces to achieve the rebellious yet iconic look, tailored for the film’s visual impact.

Dunstall also navigated Winehouse’s bold eyeliner style, opting for practicality with MAC gel liner over the singer’s rumored favorite, Rimmel, which proved too intense for film settings.

The film explores darker periods of Amy Winehouse’s life, with Dunstall applying special effects makeup to reflect the toll of addiction and alcoholism, ensuring authenticity in pivotal scenes.

Recreating Winehouse’s tattoos posed another challenge, with makeup artist Mark Coulier designing similar tattoos due to rights restrictions.

Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s father, granted access to some of her personal wardrobe, including cherished items like black jeans and sentimental pieces such as a pink ballet cardigan worn during poignant scenes.

Iconic outfits like Winehouse’s Dolce & Gabbana Grammy dress were faithfully remade for the film, capturing her monumental career moments.

“Back to Black” not only resurrects Winehouse’s fashion legacy but also explores the complexities of her life, offering viewers an intimate glimpse into the beloved yet troubled artist.

For audiences, the film promises a compelling journey through Amy Winehouse’s unforgettable impact on music and style.