Incubus Re-Recording ‘Morning View’ Has ‘Reinvigorated’ the Band for New Music


This month, Incubus reimagined one of their most cherished albums with the release of Morning View XXIII, a track-by-track re-recording of their 2001 album. This revisiting process might accelerate the release of their upcoming ninth album. “The new version of Morning View has also been a starting point for us, as we’ve been steadily working on new music over the past several months,” guitarist Mike Einziger shared. Although their recent tour in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia temporarily paused their progress, Einziger added, “we’re diving right back into it. This entire experience has rejuvenated us in new ways, leading to music that differs from our previous work.”

Before Incubus unveils the follow-up to their 2017 album, 8, they felt it was necessary to revisit Morning View, which featured alt-rock hits like “Wish You Were Here” and “Nice to Know You,” and debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 in October 2001. Singer Brandon Boyd mentioned that the band initially intended to celebrate Morning View’s 20th anniversary, but the pandemic disrupted their plans in 2021. Starting in late August, Incubus will embark on a 10-date arena tour, performing the entire Morning View album along with other hits from their catalog. Meanwhile, the band will continue working on their next album, set to end their longest gap between studio releases.

“We’ve written probably half a record already,” Boyd said. “We have about 30 more ideas we’re still developing, and it feels like we’ve only just begun. Our plan is to keep writing and likely start recording while we’re still writing. The way people consume music now is so different from when Morning View was released — we don’t need a finished album to start sharing songs. It’s still enjoyable to listen to a complete album to appreciate the artist’s full vision, but we can release a single or two while we’re still working on the record, and that’s likely what we’ll do.”