LA Laura Paris Releases “Mon Papa,” an Emotional and Heartwarming Single

LA Laura Paris debuts with "Mon Papa," an Emotional and Heartwarming Single

The ultra-talented, multi-talented LA Laura Paris released her very personal new single, “Mon Papa.” The highly emotional tribute to her father combines the artist’s signature sound with poignant lyrics capturing the true meaning of loss and longing.

“Mon Papa” is deep thought about memories and things associated with the father. Such words include “Tant de choses à te dire / Mais plus de moment / Et pourtant là-bas si tu m’entends / Mon Papa”, where it brings extreme feelings of longing and misery. The two themes concur with the tune of the melancholy song, giving an intensity and stirring tribute that reaches the listeners.

“Mon Papa” conjures LA Laura Paris in some moments of reflection against a serene and rather introspective background; the soul she pours into the song makes it forceful in paying tribute to her deceased father.

LA Laura Paris debuts with "Mon Papa," an Emotional and Heartwarming Single
LA Laura Paris

It is the other way around with LA Laura Paris, who may often get compared to Madonna. She is a multi-faceted artist with her eclectic blend of French and English in her music. Born of French and Belgian parents, her journey began in an English school where she discovered her passion for music. She started her classical training at the age of five, during which time she learnt violin and piano at the Royal Academy of Music in Brussels. Besides, she is greatly artistic, oblige her to learn various dance forms’ be it classical, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and even Bollywood, she infuses them into her performances with no problem. Fine arts have also had a stint with her when she was studying it at Saint Luc Art School in Brussels and acting at the Actor Studio in Paris.

All thanks to her inimitable musical style, which feasts on a wide array of genres and cultures emanating from her mixed background, soon after her modeling days at Fashion Week, working with the French Touch legends she set sail for Hollywood to join the Musicians Institute. Here, she encountered U.S. musicians and created music pertaining to the experiences of life. Only here could LA Laura Paris merge the Parisian personality with Hollywood glam and be one of the most outstanding pop-electro scene artists.

LA Laura Paris Releases "Mon Papa," an Emotional and Heartwarming Single
LA Laura Paris

So far, her releases have been far from one-dimensional and have shown a lot of creativity and versatility. Her single “Game Over” looked at all the puzzling aspects that modern relationships mean, and it has the perfect mix of catchy beats and lyrics. The video clip of “Game Over” moves you back to a neon-themed old arcade, and the aesthetic dances are dedicated to the 80s arcade games. It pointed out one of the cool features LA Laura Paris can do with her music: it was amusing while looking back to what goes on in one’s head and life.

Before “Game Over,” LA Laura Paris dropped “I’m Leaving Right Away” and “Kissing Boys,” which greatly put the artist in a positive light. The songs showed her ability not only to intertwine ingenuity in creating catchy pop melodies but also to deliver highly introspective yet very relatable topics. Her fresh approach to music and visual storytelling has endeared her further to new fans, with many hailing her as the next big thing in the industry.

Listen live to the emotional depth of LA Laura Paris’ new single, “Mon Papa,” and join in as she honors the memory of her father.