Breaking Down “Backseat” with HYUNJUN: Insights and Inspirations from K-pop’s Rising Star


HYUNJUN, the rising star in the K-pop scene, recently caught up with Stereo Saints to chat about his latest single “Backseat” and more.

Known for blending catchy sounds with emotive lyrics, HYUNJUN offers listeners an intimate glimpse into his creative process and the stories behind his music. In this interview, he opens up about everything from his unique sources of inspiration to his surprising hobbies.

photo source: Blossom Entertainment

photo source: Blossom Entertainment

Question: We all have different interpretations of music. What is one thing you hope listeners take away from experiencing “Backseat”?

Answer: With lyrics like “Something like a movie,” this song really captures that movie-style romance. It’s got that cinematic love feel. Try closing your eyes and enjoying the lyrics, and maybe paint some scenes in your head while you’re at it. It’s a perfect break from the rush of everyday life. I hope it fills you with those warm, fluttery feelings of love.

Question: What’s the most unexpected place you’ve ever gotten inspiration for a song?

Answer: My mind feels like the most special place I know. It doesn’t matter where I am; the real magic happens in my head where I’m constantly inspired. I enjoy coming up with all sorts of ideas—whether they’re from the past, present, or future—and I can’t wait to turn them into music. I’m looking forward to using these gems from my imagination in my next songs!

Question: What’s a hobby or interest you have that might surprise your fans?

Answer: Normally, golf and horseback riding are my go-to hobbies, but it’s boxing and kickboxing that I’m into these days. I enjoy active sports that keep me moving, and I’m keen to learn more whenever I can squeeze in the time. They’re great for keeping fit.

Another interest of mine that I’ve got into recently is trying out makgeolli, a traditional Korean alcoholic beverage made from rice. It’s good for your digestion thanks to the probiotics, and it’s sweet but not too heavy, so you get a nice buzz. I’ve been enjoying it more and more lately.

Question: If you could collaborate with any artist, past or present, to remix “Backseat,” who would it be and what twist would you add to the song?

Answer: I want to spice up “Backseat” with some hip-hop flair blended into the synth-pop base, and The Kid LAROI would be perfect for that! His voice in “Stay” was just awesome—so dreamy and strong. I can’t help but get excited just thinking about possibly collaborating with him.

And then there’s the idea of remixing “Backseat” with someone like Justin Bieber, who’s all about that trendy pop R&B sound. I bet his distinctive vocals could make the track even more energetic and fun at a faster pace!

Question: Looking back at your career, is there a song you wish you could revisit and re-record with what you know now? Why and how might you change it?

Answer: Back in the day, I always thought about re-recording or tweaking my earlier songs. Not anymore, though. Now, I see those imperfections as just part of my youthful, innocent appeal. I think when I hear them in the future, I’ll just smile and think about how those moments reflected my younger self.

Question: Who are some musical influences that have shaped your sound?

Answer: I find that my music evolves more from my experiences and feelings during the creation process than from any particular person. Trying to establish myself internationally as Hyunjun, I’m influenced a lot by the concepts of my music, the videos I make, and how listeners respond to my songs. I keep looking for new musical styles, always asking myself, “What will make people love this? How can I live up to their expectations?” This kind of ongoing research and thinking really seems to change my music for the better.

Question: What social or global issue feels most powerful to you, and why do you think it deserves a song?

Answer: Seeing all the stress and pressure everyone’s under nowadays makes me sad. What if you took a little time to put your worries aside and find some calm through music? Even a short break from the chaos of everyday life to relax in your happy place can be super refreshing.

I’d love for my songs to be a place where people can pause and relax. If my music can help people dream, reconnect with the thrill of first love, or revisit the happiest times in their lives, that’s incredibly meaningful to me.

Question: What’s your favorite way to relax and recharge when you have some downtime?

Answer: I often find myself staring at the sky, soaking up the clear blue on sunny days and the gray on the cloudy ones. It’s really refreshing to just breathe the fresh air and feel alive. Recently, I’ve gotten into ‘water gazing.’ It’s just watching water or an aquarium, and it’s oddly enjoyable. It might sound weird, but just zoning out and staring at water really helps me chill out and find peace.

Question: What are your future plans following the release of “Backseat”? Are there any upcoming projects we should look forward to?

Answer: I’m all about pushing myself in new ways with my music and really honing my unique vibe. Right now, I’ve kicked off my solo journey with just a single album, but I hope to release EPs and full albums down the road. I want to show fans worldwide different aspects of my music. I’m putting in the work and can’t wait to share more awesome tracks with everyone!