The Best Artists of 2024


2024 has been anything but quiet on the music front, with a roster of artists breaking more than just sound barriers. This year’s standout performers aren’t just playing notes, they’re rewriting the score of the industry.

From the poetic introspection of indie pop to the raw edges of post-punk, these musicians are carving out spaces where lyrics meet personal revolutions and melodies spark collective movements.

Today we’re focusing on lives and sounds of the artists who aren’t just occupying the charts but are captivating the imaginations of listeners around the world. Get ready to meet the voices behind the year’s most compelling beats and stories.

Aiden Bisset

Aiden Bisset, a rising star in the pop music scene, has had an exceptional year in 2024 with the release of his latest EP “Heartbeat Synthetics.” Known for his catchy melodies and insightful lyrics, Bisset continues to build on his 2023 success, when he clinched several indie music awards, signaling his emergence as a significant new talent. His latest tracks, which blend synth-pop with emotional depth, have not only expanded his musical repertoire but also his fanbase, proving that his 2023 success was just the beginning.


Hourstone has made a mark with his one-of-a-kind style, characterized by enigmatic vocals and complex metaphors, set against a visually striking theme of black, white, red, and gold. His transition from writing piano music in the wake of his father’s death to producing full compositions has infused his work with a raw, authentic emotion. His latest release, “Milky Way Rising,” explores themes of personal resilience and the vast complexities within oneself. Notably, this track features a female vocalist, a new creative direction for Hourstone, enhancing the song’s introspective message.

Sylvie Kreusch

Sylvie Kreusch has solidified her place in the indie scene with the release of her album “Veil of Mist.” Following a successful 2023, where she won several awards and was praised for her innovation and engaging performances, Kreusch’s latest work demonstrates a refined approach to music. Her 2024 album focuses on complex, atmospheric melodies that prove her growth as a songwriter and artist.

The Marías

The Marías built on their success in 2024 with the release of “Soft Echoes,” an album that stays true to their blend of smooth vocals and dreamy instrumentals. Following a successful 2023, where they won several indie music awards and impressed with their live performances, The Marías’ latest project marks a continuation of their sound but with deeper exploration into introspective themes.

Orla Gartland

Orla Gartland continues to impress in the indie music scene with her album “Echos and Edges.” Known for her sharp songwriting and distinctive vocals, this release sees her exploring more personal and introspective themes. The album blends indie pop with folk elements. Gartland’s work resonates for its honest lyrics and the authentic connection she fosters with her audience.

Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf has quickly become a standout in the music scene with her unique blend of pop, funk, and soul, establishing herself as a force of pure musical joy. Her sound is marked by vibrant vocals and catchy, off-kilter melodies that defy easy categorization. Her approach not only makes her music instantly recognizable but also highlights her ability to blend genres.

Yard Act

Yard Act has made a significant impact on the post-punk scene with their sharp, socially-aware lyrics and minimalist musical style. Originating from Leeds, their approach blends spoken word with stark instrumentation, delivering messages that critique societal and economic structures. Their debut album, “The Overload,” is both critical and humorous, tackling complex issues without pretension.

Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks has quickly distinguished herself in the indie pop scene with her introspective lyrics. Her music, often exploring themes of mental health and identity, has resonated deeply with listeners. Her debut album, “Collapsed in Sunbeams,” was celebrated for its lyrical maturity.