Childish Gambino Announces “New World” Tour Alongside Surprise Album and Movie

Childish Gambino Announces "New World" Tour Alongside Surprise Album and Movie

Donald Glover, better known by his musical moniker Childish Gambino, has unveiled a multifaceted surprise for fans. Today, he dropped not just one, but two projects: a complete version of his 2020 album titled Atavista, accompanied by a music video for the track “Little Foot Big Foot.” This release complements the exciting announcement of his “New World” tour, his first live shows since 2019.

While specific dates and the tour itinerary haven’t been revealed yet, the official website showcases a sprawling list of cities across the globe. Fans in the UK, Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand can expect Gambino to grace their stages. Whether additional regions like South America, Asia, or Latin America will be included remains to be seen.

This news comes on the heels of Atavista’s release, marking the “complete” version of 3.15.20. The new album offers a more comprehensive experience, likely a treat for dedicated listeners.

But Gambino’s surprises don’t stop there. He also teased his final album under the Childish Gambino moniker: Bando Stone & The New World. This record will double as the soundtrack for a forthcoming film of the same name.

Social media updates from Glover hint at a summer release for Bando Stone and a special vinyl edition of Atavista featuring visuals for each song.

This flurry of activity signifies a busy period for Gambino. NME’s 2020 review of 3.15.20 praised his willingness to share personal moments in his music, a departure from his usual guarded approach. With Atavista and the upcoming projects, it seems Gambino is embracing a more open artistic expression. As fans eagerly await tour dates and delve into Atavista, one thing’s for sure: Childish Gambino’s “New World” promises a wealth of creative exploration.