Søren Hansen Spreads His Wings with Soaring New Single “No Angels Below”

Søren Hansen Spreads His Wings with Soaring New Single "No Angels Below"

Søren Hansen, the powerhouse vocalist and multi-instrumentalist behind the platinum-selling alternative pop band New Politics, embarks on a bold solo venture with his latest single, “No Angels Below.” This pulsating track serves as the second offering from his forthcoming self-titled debut album, a project that promises a deeply personal and captivating exploration of his artistic essence.

Following years of captivating audiences alongside New Politics, Søren ventures into uncharted territory with “No Angels Below.” This isn’t just a new song; it’s a declaration of independence and self-discovery. The track pulsates with raw energy, a sonic tapestry woven with Hansen’s signature electrifying vocals and driving rhythms.

“No Angels Below” excels beyond the boundaries of a typical alternative song. It delves into themes of resilience and self-acceptance, a sentiment echoed in lyrics that haven’t yet been unveiled. However, Søren’s established talent for crafting poignant and relatable narratives ensures that the song will resonate deeply with listeners.

This solo journey follows a decade of global success with New Politics. The band’s platinum-selling hit “Harlem” cemented their place in the alternative scene, and their electrifying live shows solidified their reputation as a force to be reckoned with. However, Hansen’s desire to explore himself as a solo artist proved too strong to ignore.

“No Angels Below” marks a new chapter for Søren Hansen. With this single, he invites listeners on a sonic odyssey of self-discovery, resilience, and unbridled passion. It’s evidence of his growth as an artist and a promise of the captivating soundscapes that await on his upcoming self-titled album.