NOEL Lays Bare His Soul in Debut Single “Hurt Somebody”


Swedish newcomer NOEL dives headfirst into vulnerability with his debut single “Hurt Somebody,” the opening track of his upcoming EP Headed North. This melancholic ballad exceeds the typical breakup anthem, exploring the raw emotions and introspection that follow a heartbreak.

NOEL‘s musical journey began with a shift in focus. After a knee injury sidelined his football dreams at 17, he discovered a passion for music that blossomed in quiet moments of self-expression. His captivating bedroom covers on TikTok caught the attention of industry professionals, and now, at 21, he’s ready to share his artistry with the world.

“Hurt Somebody” showcases NOEL’s unique voice from the opening notes. His vocals, a captivating blend of strength and fragility, effortlessly flow over a melancholic soundscape. The lyrics, crafted with unflinching honesty, paint a vivid portrait of someone grappling with the emotional fallout of lost love. Lines like “I’m sharp on every side / Ever since you left me / I cut like a knife / I can’t stop” perfectly capture the sense of self-destruction that heartbreak can bring.

But “Hurt Somebody” goes beyond a typical breakup song. It delves deeper, exploring the cyclical nature of emotional pain. The song acknowledges the danger of inflicting the same hurt received, a sentiment echoed in the lyrics “I’ll hurt somebody if I don’t get over you soon / Because if I meet somebody right now I’d make ’em hurt like I do.” Embedded within the song is a desperate plea for self-healing, a recognition of the need to mend before entering a new relationship.

The accompanying music video for “Hurt Somebody” further amplifies the song’s emotional core. NOEL, clad in blue, finds himself trapped in a sea of red, a metaphor for the overwhelming emotions that threaten to consume him. As the song progresses, the video escalates in chaos, a visual proof of the destructive path heartbreak can lead down if left unchecked.

Headed North, dropping March 15th, promises to be a deeply personal exploration of love, loss, and self-discovery. “Hurt Somebody” serves as a powerful introduction to NOEL’s artistry, a voice that feels both relatable and refreshingly honest. It’s a song that invites listeners on a journey of vulnerability, introspection, and ultimately, self-growth. With his debut single, NOEL establishes himself as an artist to watch, one whose music promises to resonate with anyone who’s ever navigated the complexities of love and heartbreak.