BABYMONSTER Unleash Hauntingly Chic “Sheesh” Video, Completing Debut Lineup


YG Entertainment’s highly-anticipated rookie girl group, BABYMONSTER, have officially unveiled their full lineup with the release of their debut mini-album BABYMONS7ER and the accompanying music video for title track “Sheesh.” This marks the long-awaited debut of member Ahyeon, who was previously unable to join the group due to health concerns.

Both the album and the music video dropped on April 1st, showcasing BABYMONSTER as a complete septet for the first time. The “Sheesh” video takes viewers on a captivating journey through an abandoned, seemingly haunted mansion, with a twist reveal of the elaborate maze-like layout.

“When I open my eyes I bloom / All eyes on me, set it on fire / Do or die on my life / Yeah, you ain’t seen nothing yet,” the group belts out during the pre-chorus, leading into a dynamic hip-hop infused chorus.

BABYMONS7ER serves as BABYMONSTER’s second music release of the year, following the standalone single “Stuck In The Middle” in February. Their official debut single, “Batter Up,” arrived in late 2023 without Ahyeon’s participation.

In a pre-release breakdown of the mini-album, YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun-suk revealed a special treat for fans. The B-side track “Like That” was actually gifted to the group by Charlie Puth, a testament to Ahyeon’s viral cover of his song “Dangerously” during her trainee days.

The seven-track album also features the intro track “Monsters,” along with updated versions of “Batter Up” and “Stuck In The Middle” featuring Ahyeon’s vocals, alongside several other new tracks.

With the release of BABYMONS7ER and the stylish “Sheesh” video, BABYMONSTER has officially arrived as a complete force in the K-Pop scene. Fans can expect a strong showing from the group, with their talent and charisma shining through on their debut mini-album.