B.I Announces High-Energy 2024 “Hype Up” Tour Across Asia


South Korean singer-songwriter B.I is gearing up to hit the road this May with his newly announced “Hype Up” tour. The tour kicks off on May 24th in Hong Kong, with subsequent stops confirmed in Bangkok, Singapore, Manila, and Jakarta throughout June. A Macau show is scheduled for July, with additional dates and locations promised soon.

B.I has established himself as a major force in K-Pop, both as a solo artist and as a former member of the popular group iKON. He’s known for his electrifying stage presence and infectious music, making “Hype Up” a fitting title for his upcoming tour. Fans can expect a high-energy setlist featuring his biggest hits, showcasing his versatility and talent.

Here’s a look at the confirmed dates for B.I’s 2024 “Hype Up” tour so far:

  • May 24: Hong Kong, China
  • June 1: Bangkok, Thailand
  • June 7: Singapore, Singapore
  • June 9: Manila, Philippines
  • June 15: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • July 13: Macau, China

Fans are encouraged to stay tuned for updates on additional tour dates. In the meantime, B.I’s “Hype Up” promises to be a must-see event for K-Pop fans looking to experience his undeniable charisma live.