Lia Makes Emotional Return at ITZY’s “Born To Be” Concert Amid Hiatus

ITZY member Lia made a poignant return to the spotlight at the band’s “Born To Be” concert in Seoul over the weekend, marking her first public appearance since her hiatus.

The highly anticipated concerts, held at Seoul’s Jamsil Indoor Stadium on February 24 and 25, marked Lia’s emotional comeback after a hiatus that began in September 2023 due to “extreme levels of anxiety.” Lia, a Korean-Canadian idol, was visibly moved as she joined the audience during the concert and was later featured on the venue’s LED screens, marking her first public appearance in approximately five months.

Throughout the concert, Lia’s bandmates, including Yeji, Chaeryoung, Ryujin, and Yuna, expressed their heartfelt emotions towards her, with Chaeryoung confessing, “Seeing Lia makes me emotional. I canโ€™t hold back my tears when I look at her. Lia is crying as well!” Chaeryoung’s heartfelt words extended to Lia on stage, expressing her longing and reassurance, “Itโ€™s not your fault, but I really missed you.”

Following the Seoul shows, ITZY is set to embark on a monumental world tour named after their latest studio album, ‘Born To Be’. The tour will span across Asia, Oceania, Europe, and North America over the next six months, showcasing their global appeal and dedicated fanbase.

Despite Lia’s absence from public appearances since her hiatus began, she released a solo song titled ‘Blossom’ in November, which was later included on ‘Born to Be’. Accompanying the release, Lia penned a heartfelt letter to fans, expressing her gratitude and promising to return healthier and more improved to repay the unwavering support of MIDZY, ITZY’s devoted fanbase.

As Lia continues her journey towards recovery and resumption of activities, her poignant return at the ‘Born To Be’ concert serves as a heartwarming moment of solidarity and support from both her bandmates and fans alike.