Young Jesus Announces The Fool Album Alongside Cinematic Visual for “Brenda & Diane”

Indie musician Young Jesus, the musical project of John Rossiter, has unveiled his upcoming album, The Fool. Accompanying this announcement is the release of the new single, “Brenda & Diane.”

The track offers a narrative lens into the lives of two runaways, exploring their complexities through the perspective of the narrator. Rossiter explains, “Brenda and Diane are on the run. The main character thinks he’s better than them. But sits down to talk to them, to humor them. Sees that they have a whole, complex life. Humbling for the main character and his sense of superiority and judgment. Brenda and Diane invite him into life.”

The music video for “Brenda & Diane” further enhances the storytelling, featuring musician Tommy Sunshine donning clown make-up as he navigates through his daily routine.

Prior to conceiving The Fool, Rossiter contemplated stepping away from music following the release of Young Jesus’ previous album, Shepherd Head, in 2022. However, a serendipitous encounter with producer Shahzad Ismaily reignited his passion. Collaborating together, they crafted a collection of songs that would eventually evolve into The Fool, recorded at Shahzad’s Figure 8 Studios in Brooklyn.

Set to drop later this year, The Fool promises to be a compelling exploration of Young Jesus’ introspective and narrative-driven approach to indie rock.

Experience the visual journey of “Brenda & Diane” above, and take a glimpse at the album artwork and tracklist for The Fool below:

  1. “Brenda & Diane”
  2. “Two Brothers”
  3. “Rabbit”
  4. “Rich”
  5. “Moonlight”
  6. “MOTY”
  7. “The Weasel”
  8. “Am I The Only One?”
  9. “Sunrise”
  10. “Dancer”
  11. “God’s Plan”