Little Simz Drops Latest EP ‘Drop 7’

Little Simz Drops Latest EP 'Drop 7'

London’s own Little Simz treats fans to a fresh dose of her signature sound with the release of her latest EP, Drop 7. Following her 2020 EP Drop 6, which preceded her acclaimed albums Sometimes I Might Be Introvert (2021) and No Thank You (2022), this seven-track offering showcases Simz exploring a more club-oriented direction, helmed by producer Jakwob.

Featuring tracks like “Mood Swings,” “Fever,” and “Torch,” Drop 7 exhibits Simz’s versatility and prowess, solidifying her status as a dynamic force in the rap scene. Simz, known for her candid lyricism and genre-blurring style, has been steadily building her discography since the release of Drop 1 in 2014, with each installment garnering increasing acclaim.

Notably, Simz is in the spotlight with three nominations at the upcoming BRIT Awards 2024, including Album of the Year for No Thank You. Reflecting on her nominations, she expressed gratitude to her supporters and fellow nominees. Additionally, she recently secured the Best Hip-Hop Act accolade at the MOBOs 2024, further solidifying her standing as one of the UK’s preeminent talents.

With a string of successes under her belt and a growing list of accolades, Simz continues to captivate audiences with her electrifying performances and boundary-pushing artistry. As fans eagerly anticipate her next moves, Drop 7 serves as yet another testament to Little Simz’s indelible impact on the music landscape.