Vampire Weekend Tease Upcoming Album with Mysterious Video

Vampire Weekend Tease Upcoming Album with Mysterious Video

Vampire Weekend has sparked excitement among fans by sharing a cryptic video on their social media platforms, hinting at new music on the horizon.

The enigmatic clip, posted on the band’s official Instagram account, features snippets of carnival scenes, pinball machines, celestial imagery, and highways, set to an instrumental track characterized by bright piano and drums. Titled “OGWAUteaser1.mp4,” the teaser suggests that the band is gearing up for a significant announcement.

This tease comes after Vampire Weekend revealed last month that they had completed their fifth album. Bassist Chris Baio shared the exciting news in the LP’s accompanying physical newsletter, “The Quarterly Report,” following the release of their limited vinyl-only live albums recorded in Milan.

Drummer Chris Tomson previously hinted at the album’s direction, mentioning that it draws inspiration from raga, with frontman Ezra Koenig crafting what he deems to be some of his best songs to date. Tomson expressed confidence in the album’s quality, stating, “I feel like it just might be our best yet. 10 songs, no skips.”

In addition to their forthcoming album, Vampire Weekend has secured headline slots at prestigious festivals like Hinterland Festival and the New Orleans Jazz Festival, where they’ll share the stage with iconic acts such as Foo Fighters, The Rolling Stones, and Neil Young. They’re also set to perform at the Primavera festival in Barcelona and headline the Kilby Block Party 2024 in Salt Lake City, Utah, solidifying their status as one of indie rock’s most anticipated acts.