Palace Announces Emotionally Charged Album ‘Ultrasound’ Alongside Lead Single “Bleach”


The British trio Palace has revealed their upcoming fourth album, Ultrasound, and treated fans to a glimpse of its emotional depth with the release of the lead single, “Bleach.”

Ultrasound marks a significant moment for the band, comprising Leo Wyndham, Matt Hodges, and Rupert Turner, as they reunite with producer Adam Jaffrey, rekindling a partnership that began eight years ago with their debut album, So Long Forever.

The album follows their 2023 companion EPs, Part I – When Everything Was Lost and Part II – Nightmares & Ice Cream, setting the stage for a deeply introspective musical journey.

The poignant lead single, “Bleach,” encapsulates a beautiful relationship, with lyrics expressing shared moments: “We’ll bleach our hair together / And I’ll hold you tight forever / You anchor me to a different life / Found somebody to make it right / We’ll reach for something better / And we’ll gaze at stars for pleasure.”

In the creation of the album’s initial songs, frontman Leo Wyndham faced a personal tragedy as his partner experienced a late miscarriage. Ultrasound transformed into an open diary, chronicling a year-long struggle from devastation to deliverance.

Wyndham reflected on the profound impact of this experience, stating, “It was incredibly hard to comprehend what had happened, how to deal with it, and how to move forward. The album is the journey of that experience, starting with a loss, then a period of processing, and finally acceptance, release, and growth. And being in awe of women within that. Their dignity, strength, and courage in how they can deal with these things that feel beyond a man.”With the announcement of Ultrasound and the evocative lead single “Bleach,” Palace invites listeners into a deeply personal and introspective musical landscape, offering a glimpse into the raw emotions and transformative journey that define their latest artistic endeavor.