Nell Mescal Takes a Reflective Turn with Debut Single “Killing Time” and EP Announcement

Nell Mescal Takes a Reflective Turn with Debut Single "Killing Time" and EP Announcement

Irish singer-songwriter Nell Mescal is making waves as she unveils her debut single, “Killing Time“, alongside the announcement of her forthcoming EP, Can I Miss It For A Minute?. Due to drop on May 3 via LAB Records, the EP promises to be a poignant exploration of Mescal’s life experiences.

Released on January 19, “Killing Time” serves as a melodic reflection on a past relationship. Against a backdrop of soaring indie-rock instrumentals, Mescal introspects with lyrics like, “Did I give it up before we’d had enough?/ Tell me now that you’re sorry/ Did I give it up before we’d had enough?/ Tell me now that you miss me.” The chorus poses a lingering question to her former partner, “Do I still cross your mind?/ Were you just killing time?”

Accompanying the single is an official lyric video that adds a visual dimension to the emotional depth of the track.

In a statement, Mescal sheds light on the narrative behind Killing Time, describing it as “a song written about looking back on a relationship and wondering if the other person was just as invested or just killing time.”

The much-anticipated EP, Can I Miss It For A Minute?, is dubbed a “concept EP” by Mescal. She explains that the collection revolves around themes of growing up, moving away, friendship breakups, and the delicate navigation between current emotions and negative memories. Each song in the EP contributes to a cohesive story, weaving together a narrative with a distinct beginning, middle, and end. Mescal’s thoughtful approach to songwriting is evident in the mix of moments written in the heat of the moment and those penned in retrospect. The EP serves as a personal reflection on Mescal’s life and her journey of moving on from past influences.

While the full tracklist for the upcoming EP remains undisclosed, Mescal is gearing up for a UK headline tour starting next week. The tour kicks off on January 23 at Bodega, Nottingham, and includes dates in Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, and a closing performance at Omeara, London, on January 31. For those eager to catch Mescal live, remaining tickets for the tour are available on her official website.