AURORA Unveils Cathartic Reflections in New Single “The Conflict Of The Mind”


Norwegian singer AURORA has graced listeners with a cathartic new single, titled “The Conflict Of The Mind.” This release follows her return last year with the chart-topping third album, “The Gods We Can Touch” and the poignant single “Your Blood.”

Addressing themes surrounding mental health and the importance of opening up, AURORA shared her perspective on the song: “I tend to isolate myself when I’m in pain. And with time, I’ve learnt that I’ve deprived the people around me of the great honour of being there for someone you love. Deep in there, beneath all the darkness, there is beauty. Once you’ve truly opened up you’ll find a version of yourself you thought was gone. And it will be beautiful.”

The chorus echoes the conflicting emotions within: “Only when I see you cry/ I feel conflicted in my mind/ It fills my heart up and it breaks me at the very same time/When you open up the gates for me.”

AURORA emphasizes the importance of communication and healing within families, urging people to talk to each other before it’s too late. The accompanying video enhances the emotional depth of the track.

Looking ahead, AURORA is set to embark on a series of live shows in her native Norway, beginning in spring 2024. The tour, consisting of eight dates, will commence on March 3 in Hamar, with additional stops in Bergen, Trondheim, and Stavanger, concluding with two consecutive shows in Oslo. This musical journey promises an intimate exploration of AURORA’s evocative storytelling and musical prowess.