Lucy Rose Triumphs with New Album This Ain’t The Way You Go Out and Releases Single “The Racket”

lucy rose

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Lucy Rose has unveiled her much-anticipated fifth studio album, This Ain’t The Way You Go Out, set to enchant listeners on April 19. The album, available for pre-order through Communion Records, marks a significant milestone in Rose’s evolving musical journey.

Alongside the album announcement, Rose graced her fans with the release of the single “The Racket“. This latest track is a tapestry of poignant lyrics, hopeful piano melodies, and vibrant drum rhythms, reflecting a deep, reflective introspection paired with an air of defiance.

“The Racket” follows Rose’s impactful return to the music scene in October with ‘Could You Help Me’, her first new single in four years. Accompanied by a music video directed by Dylan Friese-Greene, the song and its visual narrative offer a stirring experience, showcasing Rose’s artistry.

Discussing “The Racket”, Rose shared her vision for the album’s conclusion: “I wanted my new album to end on a note of defiance and triumphant; of accepting what’s happened to me, pushing through, picking myself up, and continuing life in the best way I can.” She credits her son Otis as a beacon of love and support during her darkest times.

The song’s title, “The Racket”, cleverly alludes to both the rich, layered instrumentation of the track and Rose’s personal affinity for tennis. Despite a challenging health diagnosis that involved eight fractured vertebrae and rare pregnancy-induced osteoporosis following the birth of her first child, Rose’s resilient spirit led her back to the tennis court, reclaiming a cherished part of her life.

Reflecting on her health struggles, Rose candidly expressed her feelings of vulnerability and the daunting journey towards recovery. She emphasizes her gratitude for therapy, which played a pivotal role in enabling her to embrace life anew.

Fans eager to witness Rose’s captivating live performances can look forward to her concert at London’s Roundhouse on April 25, 2024. Tickets for this not-to-be-missed event are available for purchase.

NME’s review of her 2019 LP No Words Left highlights Rose’s lyrical prowess, acknowledging it as “the best Rose has ever been”. The review acknowledges the album’s poetic brilliance, despite noting a disparity between the lyrics and the musical compositions.

With This Ain’t The Way You Go Out, Lucy Rose not only continues to solidify her place in the music world but also invites her audience into a deeply personal chapter of her life, marked by adversity, resilience, and artistic growth.