Suki Waterhouse Releases Electrifying New Single “OMG”

Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse, a multi-talented artist known for her roles in both music and acting, has launched her first single of 2024, “OMG.” The track, a collaboration with Natalie Findlay and produced by Jules Apollinaire, showcases Waterhouse’s dynamic range as a singer, model, and actress.

“OMG” stands out with its synth-driven sound, featuring a catchy bass line and powerful drums. Waterhouse’s vocals adeptly convey the complexities of a past romantic relationship with lyrics that are both reflective and assertive. The song encapsulates a journey back to oneself, marked by a realization of personal strength and independence.

Discussing the creative process, Waterhouse revealed to Rolling Stone the challenges and breakthroughs encountered while crafting “OMG.” “We started half the song and then put it to the side. And then suddenly this chorus came out with this energy around it,” she explained. Her description of songwriting as a journey from intellect to instinct highlights the intricacy and passion behind her work.

The music video for “OMG,” directed by Émilie Richard-Froozan, is a visual feast. Waterhouse, dressed in a vibrant red gown reminiscent of Edith Piaf, performs a captivating dance in a greenhouse setting. The video also subtly showcases Waterhouse’s pregnancy, adding a personal touch to the release.

“OMG” follows Waterhouse’s 2023 single ‘To Love’ and is set to appear on her forthcoming second album, scheduled for release later this year under SupPop. This album follows her debut LP, ‘I Can’t Let Go,’ which received critical acclaim for its honest and emotive storytelling.

Last year, Waterhouse made headlines with the announcement of her pregnancy with actor Robert Pattinson. She shared the news in a heartwarming moment during her performance at the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico City, adding a sparkle of personal joy to her flourishing career.

Fans of Waterhouse can look forward to more of her signature blend of emotive lyrics and synth-pop melodies in her upcoming album, which promises to be a continuation of her journey as a versatile and compelling artist in today’s music scene.