The xx Set to Make a Comeback with Their First Album Since 2017

Fans of The xx can rejoice as the band is poised to make a much-anticipated return to the music scene. Romy Madley Croft revealed that she has rejoined her bandmates Oliver Sim and Jamie Smith in the studio, setting the stage for their first album since 2017’s ‘I See You.’

2022 and 2023 were years of exploration for Sim and Croft, with both artists launching their debut solo albums. Jamie Smith, also known as Jamie xx, hasn’t released a solo full-length album since 2015’s ‘In Colour.’ This period of individual artistic ventures has evidently laid a fertile ground for new creativity within the band.

Reflecting on the experience, Croft shared, “It’s quite different being back in the studio with The xx. I think Oliver and Jamie and I have all tried new things and have learned a lot from the different projects.” She believes that their solo endeavors have opened new avenues for the band, adding, “It’s wide open, and it feels exciting to sort of be starting again in a way.”

While the sonic direction of the new music remains under wraps, Croft expressed her enthusiasm for integrating the lessons learned over the past seven years into their upcoming work. She specifically mentioned her eagerness to revisit the guitar in a novel way, saying, “I think I want to keep evolving though. I think we all do.”

This return to the studio for The xx signifies not just a reunion but a reinvention, as the members bring their enriched experiences back to the collective table. Croft’s desire to merge newfound knowledge with the band’s distinctive sound hints at an exciting evolution for the group.

Fans will undoubtedly be on the edge of their seats, eager to hear how The xx’s journey of individual growth and exploration will translate into their next musical chapter.