Marbey Remixes Tradition: Blending Armenian Folk And Electro-Pop In “Horovel”

marbey horovel

Marbey, a native of the war-torn region of Artsakh, now lives in Yerevan, where she’s leaving an imprint on the artistic scene. With the launch of her first single “Is It You?,” she’s focused on bringing joy and solace during tough times. Her latest track, “Horovel,” is a tribute to her Armenian heritage and the land she considers home, reflecting her ties to the traditional folk music of Armenia.

Horovel” captures the essence of traditional Armenian music, often sung by villagers while laboring in the fields. These songs vary by region and commonly depict scenes like farmers motivating their oxen during plowing and women rhythmically threshing grain with stones. Marbey’s version of “Horovel” stands as a prime illustration of this genre, rooted in the agricultural practices of the Artsakh area.

The unique dialect of the region, though difficult for those not familiar with it to understand, beautifully complements this musical style with its melodic nature. The song’s diverse vocal expressions, including sounds like “ho, holel, hom, hora hor,” vividly bring to life the terrain of the Artsakh mountains and hills. It depicts the life of the local villagers, deeply connected to their farm animals and the land they cultivated.

marbey horovel

In her version of this famous folk song, Marbey illustrates the shepherd’s everyday activities with his ox, using the dialect of her hometown. Her goal was to weave her unique vocal flair into this traditional tune. She revitalizes the classic by mixing electro-pop components with the folk melody, creating a fresh and distinct rendition. This innovative combination casts the single in a new light, making the native dialect she uses more approachable for an international audience.

Marbey adds her own twist to “Horovel” with her deep and captivating voice, setting her version apart from conventional renditions. Starting her career in jazz, she has since explored electro-pop and alternative music, demonstrating her pursuit of a distinct musical identity. Drawing inspiration from legends such as Sade, Alicia Keys, and Amy Winehouse, her artistic flair is fueled by her personal experiences. Driven by her ambitions, she embodies innovation and vision, always seeking to dream and create anew.

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