Halsey Teases Fifth Album, Expresses Excitement and Nervousness in Live Update


Halsey recently provided an exciting update for fans eagerly awaiting new music. In a live video broadcast on December 12, the artist confirmed that she is actively working on her fifth album. Expressing a mix of enthusiasm and nervousness, she refrained from revealing too much about the project, emphasizing that the experience of the music is essential for understanding it fully. Halsey compared her feelings to the anticipation she had before releasing her album Badlands.

She shared that the upcoming album is not centered around positive emotions but rather explores the theme of collectively navigating through challenging feelings. Halsey stated, “The album is not about feeling good. […] The album is about feeling bad, but about feeling bad together.”

With a history of pushing creative boundaries, Halsey’s fans can anticipate a project that delves into complex emotions and offers a shared experience of navigating the intricacies of life.

As a preview of what’s to come, Halsey is set to co-headline Lollapalooza India in January 2024, alongside the Jonas Brothers and Sting, suggesting that new music may be on the horizon.