Ghetts Redirects “Laps” Music Video Budget to Support Local Athletics Club


In a heartwarming move that underlines his commitment to community upliftment, Ghetts, the acclaimed UK rap artist, recently revealed that he chose to divert the budget allocated for his latest single ‘Laps’ towards supporting the Newham and Essex Beagles Athletics Club.

The ‘Laps’ single, featuring South African singer Moonchild Sanelly, was released in October, marking Ghetts’ return to the music scene after a two-year hiatus. The track is a precursor to his upcoming album, On Purpose With Purpose, slated for release on January 5 via Warner Records.

While fans eagerly anticipated a music video for “Laps,” Ghetts surprised everyone by forgoing the visual accompaniment. He disclosed that he made a conscious decision to allocate the video budget to a cause close to his heart—the Newham and Essex Beagles Athletics Club.

Ghetts, who hails from East London, specifically the Newham area, directed the funds to sponsor annual memberships for 150 young individuals associated with the athletics club. Notably, the Newham and Essex Beagles Athletics Club has a storied history and has nurtured talents like Mo Farah, Daley Thompson, and Christine Ohuruogu.

The rapper’s choice to invest in the community during challenging times speaks volumes about his dedication to giving back. Beyond the music, Ghetts sees the value in supporting local initiatives, embodying the spirit of solidarity and shared growth.

In addition to this impactful gesture, Ghetts has announced a series of live shows across the UK in March 2024, with performances scheduled in Birmingham, Manchester, and two shows in London. This aligns with the broader narrative of his upcoming album, On Purpose With Purpose, which promises to showcase Ghetts’ evolution as a songwriter and his willingness to explore diverse musical influences.

A press release accompanying the tour announcement highlighted that Ghetts is poised to reach new heights in his artistic journey, reflecting a remarkable expansion of his sonic palette. The anticipation for the album and the positive community engagement around ‘Laps’ set the stage for a compelling chapter in Ghetts’ musical career.

As Ghetts continues to make waves in the UK rap scene, his recent act of generosity serves as a reminder that artists can be powerful catalysts for positive change within their communities.