Allison’s “Blue Christmas”: A Bold New Voice Revives A Holiday Classic With A Modern Twist


Canada’s own singer and songwriter, Allison, breathes new life into the holiday classic “Blue Christmas,” offering a distinct and innovative take on the song. Traditionally dominated by male vocalists, most notably Elvis Presley’s famous rendition, the promising artist’s version stands out as a notable shift from this trend.

“Blue Christmas” marks Allison’s debut in the professional music scene, setting it apart from her earlier repertoire of cover songs. With this release, she not only honors a classic but also infuses it with her unique flair, demonstrating her talent for revitalizing a familiar tune with her own signature style.

The song combines festive joy with a touch of melancholy, capturing the emotions of missing a loved one during the holidays. Its lyrics express longing and nostalgia, highlighted in lines like “I’ll be so blue just thinking about you.” “Blue Christmas” contrasts traditional Christmas symbols with the recurring theme of “blue,” emphasizing its bittersweet sentiment.


Allison’s “Blue Christmas” stands out for its musical excellence and the shift in gender perspective, bringing a novel approach to a song typically performed by male artists. Her version, distinct in being popularized by a female voice for the first time, adds a unique emotional depth to the track, providing listeners with a new way to engage with its enduring themes.

It underscores the dynamic evolution of music, showing how timeless songs can be re-envisioned for new audiences, maintaining their core while acquiring new interpretations. First appearing on ‘Elvis’ Christmas Album,’ the classic hit the peak of Billboard’s Christmas Singles Chart in December 1964 and was annually reissued during Elvis’s career, highlighting its lasting appeal and adaptability for fresh renditions.

The young talent’s musical style is influenced by icons like Elvis, Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd, and Charles Aznavour, whose distinctive artistry and emotional performances inspire her. Allison aims to stir deep emotions in her listeners, and with her “Blue Christmas” cover, she’s set to leave a lasting impression this holiday season.

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