YBZ Vandr Explores The Intricacies Of Thought In Insightful Single “Circles In My Head” 

ybz vandr

YBZ Vandr ’s latest release, “Circles In My Head,” is a deeply introspective track that delves into the artist’s internal struggles and the process of chasing elusive goals. He reveals that the song reflects his tendency to overthink, a theme that resonates throughout his work. The single stands out for its evocative metaphors, notably the imagery of “driving towards the flame,” symbolizing the pursuit of appealing yet ultimately harmful goals. 

The artist’s songwriting process involves visualizing his feelings and translating them into words, a technique influenced by artists like Juice WRLD. YBZ Vandr’s approach emphasizes freestyling and transforming thoughts into lyrics on the spot. The track also touches upon themes of self-reliance and forging one’s path, reflecting his personal philosophy of never accepting ‘no’ as an answer and always seeking alternative routes to his goals. 

Musically, the composition naturally complements the narrative, with Vandr following the vibe of the beat. He aims for his music to resonate with listeners, offering a sense of solidarity to those grappling with life’s uncertainties. “Circles In My Head” emerges as a song for shared experiences and a message of persistence and self-discovery.

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“Circles In My Head” portrays an internal struggle. Was there a particular moment or event that sparked the realization you wanted to encapsulate in this song, and how did you approach translating that into music? 

I don’t think there was any specific moment or event that triggered this song. I think I just get stuck in my head a lot and think too much about things. That’s really what this song reflects.

The single is particularly evocative, especially with metaphors like “driving towards the flame.” Can you talk us through how you develop such imagery and what role it plays in your songwriting process? 

When I write I kind of just visualize my feelings and turn it into words. I think when I referred to driving towards the flame I kind of looked at the flame as something that seems so bright and powerful from a distance, but as you chase after it you realize it’s hot and dangerous and not what was expected. This kind of reflects the reasons I feel lost. I’m always chasing after goals that seem so rewarding in theory, but when I act on them I realize it’s not what I want and I end up back at the start. I think this imagery plays a huge role in my songwriting, because it turns really confusing feelings into something that is more imaginable and easier to relate to.

With this new track confronting themes of self-reliance and introspection, how has your personal experiences influenced the way you write about deep subjects? 

I think that over time I started using music as more of a way of venting just because it comes more naturally. When I write now I just play a beat and start visualizing the way I feel. From there it just comes naturally.

Can you describe a specific aspect or philosophy from either of your favorite artists like Juice WRLD and Iann Dior that you’ve woven into your own work, particularly in this latest release? 

Juice WRLD had a really similar style of writing that I picked up on. The way he used to freestyle his songs, just turning his thoughts into words on the spot really inspired my writing.

In “Circles In My Head,” you touch on the concept of predestined paths versus forging one’s own way. How does this philosophical debate play out in your personal life choices and artistic decisions? 

My mindset is that I never take no as an answer for anything. I always choose my own path in life, because I think there is always a way around any obstacles that keep me from getting to my goals.

In the process of creating this track, how did you ensure that the music composition complemented the narrative without overshadowing the powerful lyrics?

I think it just kind of came naturally with this song. When I write I follow the vibe that the beat gives off and it kind of just fell into place.

How do you see your music as a platform for others who may be experiencing similar situations, and what message do you hope they take from this single?

I try to keep my lyrics theme-based rather than specific to my own stories so that my fans can relate to whatever is going on in their own lives. With this track I want the listeners to feel like they’re not alone when they don’t have their lives completely figured out.

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