Emily De Nando “Runs Free Like A Bird” In Sensual Debut Single: “Signora”

emily de nando

Emily De Nando ‘s debut release, “Signora,” stands as an ode to the modern independent woman, articulated through a blend of English pop and an emblematic Italian phrase. Accompanied by a picturesque music video that unfolds against the quintessential backdrop of Italy’s breathtaking landscapes, the song is a poetic celebration of female autonomy and identity, where being ‘una Signora’ – a lady – is a statement of strength and pride. 

The singer describes the single as an homage to the indomitable spirit of women who choose freedom over attachment, embodying the essence of independence without the need for anyone beside them. “Signora” revolves around a woman who is deeply admired and desired by a man, yet she remains just beyond his reach, untamed and unattainable. 

With a mix of English and Italian lyrics, phrases like “Sono una signora, and I’m proud of it” resonate as a declaration of dignity and self-respect. “Signora” tells the story of someone who refuses to be tied down or be defined by another person’s expectations. The repeated lines “I cannot be your woman, ’cause I’m running free” underscore the central theme of freedom, reinforcing the idea that her identity is not for anyone else to claim or control.

emily De Nando

“And if you’ll drive all night to find me, In the morning I will vanish like a dream” suggests an elusiveness, an allure that is present yet perpetually beyond grasp. This imagery is powerful, evoking the sense that Emily De Nando is not just physically free, but also an ephemeral presence in the lives of those who desire her. The track plays with the tension between the yearning to be close to someone and the need to remain distant.

The rhythmic drive of the song is intentional, mirroring the thematic chase — the constant movement of the woman moving forward and the man in pursuit. Emily’s artistry in the song is not just auditory but also visual, having captured the Italian classic aesthetic in a vintage villa for the music video. This setting serves to root the song in her cultural identity, showcasing her own version of elegance. 

With “Signora,” Emily De Nando aims to honor all women who stand firm in their autonomy, making deliberate choices about their lives with unwavering conviction. Emily hopes listeners will connect with the track’s core message and appreciate the cultural fusion that it represents, just as she finds joy in its creation and expression.

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