Kurt Cobain’s Unopened Cigarette Pack Sparks Bidding Frenzy at Auction

Kurt Cobain

In the realm of music memorabilia, items connected to iconic figures like Kurt Cobain often command significant attention and high prices at auctions. The latest addition to this trend is a pack of cigarettes once owned by the Nirvana frontman, which has ignited a bidding war.

Listed as part of Julien’s Auctions‘ “Played, Worn, & Torn: Rock ‘N’ Roll Iconic Guitars And Memorabilia,” the unopened pack of American Spirit regular menthol cigarettes has drawn substantial interest. The item description notes that these menthols were Cobain’s preferred brand and were preserved by his roommate at the Los Angeles rehab clinic where he briefly stayed before his tragic passing.

The auction, initially starting with a bid of $200 and estimated to reach between $800 and $1,200, has surpassed expectations. As of the latest update, the current bid has soared to $2,000, and there’s no sign of the fervor abating.

The Associated Press has dubbed this pack “maybe the most expensive pack of cigarettes ever,” emphasizing the unique and morbidly intriguing nature of such artifacts.

The auction also features other noteworthy items, including a guitar projected to fetch over $1 million and handwritten pages from Cobain’s journal. With a history of Cobain-related items performing well at auctions, this latest sale adds to the legacy of the Nirvana leader’s cultural impact.