Unveiling the Depths: EYMMI and the Narrative of “Zombie”

eymmi zombie

Congratulations on the release of “Zombie.” EYMMI has offered a unique perspective on the creation of this track, revealing that every lyric is a metaphor for expressing their true self and deeds. The choice of a zombie persona serves as a symbolic disguise, allowing EYMMI to remain in the first person without judgment, presenting a fictional character that embodies the artist’s genuine emotions and experiences.

Q1: You’ve mentioned that all the lyrics in “Zombie” are metaphors for expressing your true self and deeds. Can you delve into one of the lines from the song and explain the hidden meaning behind it?

Revealing everything would be a waste, in my opinion. Through metaphors, I aim to allow you to craft your own interpretation of the lyrics. As you realize that it’s not as fictional as it might appear, it becomes more intriguing. However, I will clarify some of the phrases found at the beginning of the track.

“I’m starving, all day and all night, looking for something I can bite” simply conveys my perpetual dissatisfaction, which leads to numerous issues… I’m consistently too eager, whether in pursuit of “financial” goals or the revenge and vengeance I’ve sought with others.

“I’ve lost all hope, and it made me realize who I am. I’m sorry, but I am unholy. I have no soul, I am sinful, I don’t have any pride. I’m dirty because I’m a zombie.”

The pre-chorus is a continuation of what’s explained in the first verse. It’s a kind of confession. I’ve reached a point where I’ve crossed so many boundaries, acted so many times before thinking, been sometimes so selfish, and caused so much harm that I can no longer lie to myself. I am who I am, and I accept it.

Have I become this way due to childhood experiences that darkened/hardened my heart? Or was I born inherently bad/mad? I still lack an answer to that question.

Two explanations should suffice for now. This song is filled with lyrics and hidden meanings. Go listen and let your imagination work if you’re interested.

Q2: Choosing a zombie as a disguise allows you to express yourself in the first person without being judged. Why did you choose a zombie over other fictional characters, and how does this choice reflect your personal or artistic journey?**

Day and night, alone, from Monday to Sunday, from the 1st to the 31st. It’s the lifestyle of a person who’s dead, isn’t it? Appearing lifeless to the world, but in reality, very much alive. That’s exactly the kind of life I was living when I wrote this song, so the title is fitting.

Q3: How do you think the mask or camouflage of the zombie persona assists in forging a connection with your audience, and what are the key messages or feelings you hope listeners will take away from this new single?

I don’t aim to convey a specific message through this song. In fact, I prefer it if people view it as entirely fictional. Whether the true meaning of my lyrics is grasped by the audience or not is not a major concern for me. What matters most is that the song resonates with you, and you enjoy the music.

eymmi zombie

Q4: You’ve lived in Africa, Asia, and Europe, three continents with rich and diverse musical traditions. How have these places influenced your sound, and can you share a specific memory from each continent that has left a lasting impact on your music?

I may not have sufficient content to pinpoint specific influences from Africa or Europe, but it could change soon…

However, for the song “Zombie,” it’s different. You can detect resemblances to contemporary K-pop. The music video incorporates choreography influenced by the videos I watch in that genre and my African culture, where music is almost always associated with dance.

Q5: With influences ranging from Rock and Metal to K-pop, Hip-Hop, Salsa/Latin Jazz, Indie, Pop, and Rap, how do you blend these genres in your songs, and can you give an example from “Zombie” where we can hear this fusion?

Let’s start with my very first track, called “Ghosty,” which begins with an extremely deep and gravelly voice and then suddenly becomes very high-pitched during the chorus, as if I become a eunuch in two seconds. There are clearly influences of metal, rock, and pop in my vocal tone, and for the instrumental, it’s a nice mix of indie/rock, pop, and a shy touch of hip-hop.

Next is “I Won’t Come Back,” a fusion of pop and hip-hop, focused on a love I’ve never experienced. It carries a cute and relatable vibe for everyone. I guess.

And to finish, “Zombie,” the one I couldn’t classify into any specific genre. It starts with music straight out of a movie cinematic, shifts into a rap-like first verse, followed by a pre-chorus composed like an electro vibe, all on a kind of rock vocal.

The instrumental evolves into a house-like sound with a deep voice reminiscent of Rammstein. And finally, we arrive at the chorus, which could potentially be classified as pop…

eymmi zombie

The rest includes a second verse that I can’t quite classify, a third one that’s extremely aggressive, almost bordering on trap.

And the pre-choruses and choruses are similar to the first but carry subtle differences that keen listeners will notice.

In summary, this track draws inspiration from a diverse range of styles: Hip-Hop, K-pop, Rock, Metal, Electro & House.

Q6: Your goal is to share your music, personality, and story with your audience over the long term. How do you plan on achieving this, and in what ways does “Zombie” contribute to this narrative?

For now, I’ll continue as I started, being myself, doing what comes to mind, and everything should go well.

Q7: Given the thematic depth of your latest track, where do you see your music heading in the future, and are there any new genres or stories you are eager to explore?

Being heard by more people, reaching a broader audience, this is my vision for the future of my music. Yes, as mentioned earlier, I love various music styles, and I’d like to be more versatile and venture into new music styles. However, I don’t want to spread myself too thin at the moment. Presently, I’m dedicated to a pop/hip-hop style.