Jungkook’s “Golden” Album Review: A Pop King in the Making

Every era has its pop king, and as we step into the 2020s, BTSJungkook emerges as a strong contender for the throne with his debut solo album, Golden. Known as the “golden maknae” of BTS, the 26-year-old singer proves his superstar appeal on this record, even if it tends to play it safe.

Golden unfolds in two halves, each showcasing Jungkook’s versatility. The first half, characterized by upbeat and light-hearted tracks, explores themes of love and resilience in relationships. Collaborations with artists like Jack Harlow and Latto add diverse flavors, while electronic-leaning tracks demonstrate Jungkook’s ability to navigate various sounds.

However, the standout moments are the classic pop anthems. Songs like “3D” and “Yes Or No” in the first half, and “Hate You” and “Too Sad To Dance” in the second, encapsulate the essence of pop king anthems, showcasing Jungkook’s ability to convey emotion and connect with listeners.

Despite moments of experimentation, such as in “Somebody,” where Jungkook’s voice undergoes a robotic transformation, the album generally plays it safe. While curated by Jungkook, Golden lacks a distinct solo identity. Nevertheless, it successfully captures Jungkook’s multifaceted artistry, charismatic vocals, and undeniable pop appeal, making it a commercially viable package.

The record achieves its mission – to position Jungkook as a versatile artist with mainstream appeal. While there may be some hollowness at its core, Golden solidifies Jungkook’s ascent as the pop king of the 2020s.