Gracie Abrams Unveils Heart-Wrenching Song “Cedar” for Apple TV+ Series “The Buccaneers”

gracie abrams

Gracie Abrams has released a new song, “Cedar,” featured in Apple TV+’s latest series, The Buccaneers. The emotionally charged track, produced by Aaron Dessner of The National and Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint, delves into the complexities of heartache and self-reflection following a painful breakup.

Over a haunting instrumental, Gracie Abrams questions a lost love, a deceitful partner, and confronts her own emotions as she navigates the aftermath of heartbreak. The chorus echoes with poignant lyrics: “It’s impossible to acclimate / Every time we talk, we understate / Oh, I know we both could die / We both could die / But you told me that you felt the same / When I told you how I needed space / But I think it was a lie / It was a lie.”

Stella Mozgawa, who curated the soundtrack for The Buccaneers, assembled a lineup of talented women artists to contribute to the series adaptation of Edith Wharton’s unfinished novel.

Reflecting on the experience, Mozgawa stated, “It was a truly incredible experience working with this group of uniquely talented artists. Everyone brought their A-game and taught me something invaluable about the creative process. Witnessing these artists map each character’s journey through song was a joy and the album feels like a really exciting companion to the show.”

Listen to the emotionally charged “Cedar” here.