Shygirl and Tinashe Cancel Co-Headline Tour Due to Illness


Shygirl and Tinashe, two prominent artists in the music industry, have announced the unfortunate cancellation of their co-headline tour, which was highly anticipated by fans. The tour was set to kick off next week in the United States with support from Jersey club pioneer UNIIQU3. However, a health issue has forced them to postpone the tour indefinitely.

Shygirl, known for her innovative pop music, took to social media to share the disappointing news. She revealed that she has been suffering from an ongoing respiratory condition and can no longer postpone necessary surgery, as advised by her medical team. In a heartfelt message to her fans and fellow artist Tinashe, she expressed her devastation at not being able to fulfill her touring commitments.

Tinashe also expressed her regrets about the situation on her social media platforms. Due to Shygirl’s medical condition, the tour was no longer feasible. However, she assured her fans that she is diligently working on her own upcoming tour, which promises to be a memorable experience. Tinashe’s new show is eagerly awaited by her supporters and will be announced in the coming weeks.

Shygirl has been receiving praise for her Mercury-nominated album Nymph, which showcases her unique talent in creating a blend of club sounds that captivate listeners.

Fans who were looking forward to seeing Shygirl and Tinashe perform together will have to wait until both artists are back in excellent health and ready to return to the stage. We wish Shygirl a smooth recovery and look forward to the exciting new shows these artists have in store for the future.