Future Islands Announces New Album “People Who Aren’t There Anymore” and Drops Single “The Tower”

Future Islands

Indie sensation Future Islands has set the stage for 2024 with the announcement of their upcoming album, People Who Aren’t There Anymore, slated for release in January. Alongside this exciting news, the band has also treated fans to a new single, “The Tower.”

In “The Tower,” Future Islands takes listeners on a musical journey. The track begins with a gentle, smooth piano melody, which swiftly transforms into a lively, pulsating electronic beat. Lead vocalist Samuel T. Herring seeks guidance from the light, drawing lessons from those around him. The song is a captivating blend of musical elements and poignant lyrics that resonate with the listener.

The song’s accompanying music video, directed by Jonathan Van Tulleken, is a visual masterpiece. Set on a beach, the band basks in the glow of a tower’s light, adding a layer of intrigue to the track. Van Tulleken and Herring previously collaborated on Apple TV+’s “The Changeling,” where Herring’s magnetic stage presence played a vital role.

The director had high praise for Herring, saying, “Anyone who’s seen Sam on stage shape-shift with his whole body and voice from heart-wrenchingly tender to fantastically ferocious knows that he is a truly magnetic performer. This was no small reason why he was cast for a role in ‘The Changeling,’ where he plays a complex character who appears to be one thing while actually another. It was a role that would be no easy task for even the most seasoned actor, but Sam, applying all his stagecraft, charisma, smarts, and natural empathy, absolutely nailed it, producing a riveting performance.”

Album Details

Alongside the single release, Future Islands also unveiled the album cover and tracklist for People Who Aren’t There Anymore. The album is set to feature 12 tracks, promising a diverse and immersive musical experience for fans.

Future Islands People Who Aren't There Anymore artwork 2023


  1. “King Of Sweden”
  2. “The Tower”
  3. “Deep In The Night”
  4. “Say Goodbye”
  5. “Give Me The Ghost Back”
  6. “Corner Of My Eye”
  7. “The Thief”
  8. “Iris”
  9. “The Fight”
  10. “Peach”
  11. “The Sickness”
  12. “The Garden Wheel”

People Who Aren’t There Anymore is scheduled to be released on January 26, 2024, via 4AD. The album announcement and the release of “The Tower” have already ignited excitement among fans, making the start of 2024 eagerly anticipated in the indie music scene.

To watch the captivating music video for “The Tower” and stay updated on Future Islands’ latest releases, visit their official website .