Lana Del Rey and Holly Macve Collaborate on “Suburban House” Single

Holly Macve

Holly Macve, the Irish-born and Yorkshire-raised songwriter, has unveiled her first collaborative single titled “Suburban House,” featuring Lana Del Rey. This partnership stemmed from a close friendship formed via Instagram a few years ago and is part of Macve’s upcoming project set for an early 2024 release.

In a press release, Macve shared her thoughts about the song, saying, “I sometimes feel my intuition wrote this song for me. I was temporarily living in a Suburban house from the 50’s, on the outskirts of West London. It was like a time capsule and hadn’t been changed since the 70’s. There was a beautiful old piano there and one day I sat down, and the song came to me unexpectedly all at once. The song made perfect sense to me only a week later…”

Holly Macve and Lana Del Rey. Credit: Chuck Grant

She continued, “A few months later, I visited Lana whilst in LA, and we shared new songs with each other. I played this to her live, and that was the start of it becoming a duet. When I first heard her sing the second verse, it was like a dream; her voice was just so perfect for the song and heavenly sounding… It goes without saying that I am a huge fan of hers; she’s an inspiration to me in many different ways. So when she DM’d me, I was pretty shook (to say the least).”

Lana Del Rey also praised the collaboration, stating, “Ever since I heard Holly’s music, I knew she had one of the most beautiful singing voices in the world. Her flawless, emotional vocals have inspired me over the last six years, and I love her songs, and I’m especially proud of featuring on this one.”

The backstory of their friendship began when Macve followed Del Rey on Instagram in 2017, and the two musicians subsequently engaged in conversation, leading to their musical partnership.