Dove Cameron Drops New Single “Lethal Woman” Ahead of Debut Album

Dove Cameron Drops New Single "Lethal Woman" Ahead of Debut Album

Actress and singer Dove Cameron has given fans a taste of her upcoming full-length debut album, Alchemical: Vol. 1, with the release of her latest single, “Lethal Woman.”

On this new track, Cameron brings a mysterious and confident energy, accompanied by a thrilling, string-driven instrumental. The song follows the dark pop style of her previous hits, such as “Boyfriend” and “Breakfast,” but takes it to a whole new level.

Cameron’s lyrics convey a sense of intrigue and allure, with lines like, “She walks like a saint, floats like an angel / Sharp like a knife under the table / Can’t feel my face, I should’ve stayed home / I know what she’s doin’, she’s a lethal woman.

Cameron initially revealed details about her two-part album, Alchemical, during the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. This release could serve as a way to package the numerous songs she recorded into a cohesive musical era.

dove cameron alchemical vol 1 album cover

In an interview with Variety back in July, Cameron mentioned that she had to narrow down the tracklist from around 60 songs. She shared her enthusiasm, saying, “I’m trying to get the number of songs on the album really high, but Columbia [Records] is being reasonable… I’ve got all my favorites, and most of them have been sent to the mixer and finished.”

Stay tuned for more information about Alchemical: Vol. 1.