Jini’s “An Iron Hand in a Velvet Glove” Review: A Promising Soloist Emerges

Jini's "An Iron Hand in a Velvet Glove" Review: A Promising Soloist Emerges

In the world of music, strength often takes many forms. For Jini, the former NMIXX member stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist, strength comes in the guise of quiet resilience juxtaposed with a more delicate exterior. Her debut solo album, An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove, is a compelling exploration of the balance between vulnerability and resolve, all wrapped up in an electro-pop and future bass soundscape.

The lead single, “C’mon,” serves as a potent re-introduction to Jini. Having previously been known for rap verses and short hooks, Jini’s solo venture provides a platform for her impressive vocal range to shine. This electro-pop track is a testament to her artistic versatility, as she seamlessly navigates both English and Korean versions. Notably, rapper Aminé makes a guest appearance, adding depth without overshadowing Jini’s command over the track.

Dancing With The Devil” continues the electro-pop excellence, incorporating deeper bass and vocal variety. Jini’s expressive vocals and the song’s thumping rhythm create an inviting atmosphere, despite its short duration.

However, the B-sides, “Bad Reputation” and “Here We Go Again,” reveal some cracks. While “Bad Reputation” boasts production by MNEK and Jini’s co-writing, it leans towards predictability and commercial appeal. “Here We Go Again” features moments of allure but falters in maintaining consistency in vocal depth and pitch.

Jini ‘An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove’

As a newcomer to the solo scene, An Iron Hand in a Velvet Glove demonstrates Jini’s potential. With room for growth and introspection, she has the opportunity to carve her path to prominence in the music industry. Her debut album showcases her personal ability and creative direction, leaving room for anticipation of further evolution.