“Tokyo” Rising: DYLI On Her Journey Of Power, Creativity, And Transformation

dyli tokyo

DYLI shares insights into her artistic journey, marked by increased confidence and the significant role of her sister CALYN in the creative process. In our interview she reveals that “Tokyo,” the new single, is a product of spontaneous creativity and a reflection of her bold and vibrant energy. 

Despite the pressures of industry standards, DYLI also admits that she is navigating her space, drawing inspiration from a myriad of sources, including personal experiences and those around her. The recent song’s lyrical content, particularly phrases like “Aura Indigo,” underscores the artist’s belief in the power of energy and manifestation, marking her ongoing transformation in the music world.

“Tokyo,” your new single, emanates boldness, vitality, and power. How does this song mirror your personal growth and artistic evolution, especially in the context of your grand aspirations?

Over the years, I have grown to be more confident in my music and writing and that translates into my creativity. I look at a lot of my songs as a manifestation of my goals in life, big or small, and boldly stating these things helps me believe in my own growth.

dyli tokyo

Working with your sister CALYN must have brought a unique dynamic to the creative process of this latest track. How did this collaboration influence the energy and lyrical content of the song?

CALYN plays a big role in my creative process. We write almost everything together, and the songs we write individually, we go to each other for editing or approval. Every song we write together flows so easily. 

When we first heard the track for “Tokyo,” CALYN came up with a hook melody right away, and the lyrics just came naturally. We didn’t start with any real concept for this song either, we basically let it write itself.

Can you take us through that impromptu moment of creativity where “Tokyo” was born? What sparked this explosion of ideas and melodies?

The track for “Tokyo” was one of those beats where we pressed play and both fell in love with it. The flow for the first verse was almost immediate and I just said the first thing that came to mind: “that b*tch a lil bird, I’m the biggest one,” as a joke and it ended up sticking. CALYN wrote the entire hook in less than five minutes and that set the tone for the rest of the song.

How do bold declarations like “I made the game, you’re just a player,” align with the personal challenges you’ve overcome in the industry?

That phrase wasn’t in reference to anything specific as far as the music industry, it was more just a filler lyric that happened to match the energy of the song. Aside from that, there have been many personal challenges I’ve had to overcome in the industry, like determining when to put my personal preference for music or marketing over a “better business decision” and vice versa. I am thankful to say that my family and current team are honest and supportive and we work through these decisions together. This has been a tremendous help in mixing creativity and business.

Can you elaborate on the metaphorical significance of some of the phrases like “Aura Indigo,” and how they relate to your own transformation as an artist?

Indigo represents intuition and is associated with the third eye chakra. This reference relates to me using my songs as a way of manifestation for my goals, speaking them into existence in a way. I believe that energy plays a huge part in our existence and this was just a way of expressing that.

How have you managed to carve out your distinct space in the music world while navigating the pressures of the industry standards?

I think that will forever be a work in progress. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t find it difficult to stay confident in my craft. I definitely feel the pressure to change based on the standards of not only the industry but my peers as well. I am always open to constructive criticism, because I think it’s important for my growth as an artist, while simultaneously standing behind what I create.

Aside from musical influences, what other sources of inspiration do you draw upon to fuel your artistry? Are there particular experiences, places, or people that have been instrumental in shaping your unique perspective?

I take inspiration from everything. Whether it’s my own experiences or the experiences of others. If it sparks something in me, I will write about it. Sometimes they help me write entire songs and other times just a lyric or a phrase. Almost everybody in my life has inspired a concept or a part of a song, but it’s up to them to figure it out.

Listen to “Tokyo” here: