Empress Of & Rina Sawayama’s “Kiss Me” Video Showcases Their Celestial Artistry

Empress Of ‘s latest single, “Kiss Me,” featuring Rina Sawayama, is a magical moment in music that defies easy explanation. What began as a favorable business decision to tour together turned into a creative collision that has elevated pop music to new heights.

The music video for “Kiss Me,” directed by India Harris, is an angelic portrayal of the otherworldly talents of these musicians. Empress Of and Rina embrace the inner light within themselves, transforming into celestial beings who traverse the world in search of connection.

I’ll keep you up, I’ll dance around / Freeze time for you / If this is love, I’ll settle down / Just tell me to,” sings Empress.

Later in the song, Rina passionately sings, “Running around, I’ve never felt / So full of air (Yeah) / And when I breathe, I’m breathin’ life / Into our wings (Oh).

They come together on the chorus, harmonizing, “Kiss me, kiss me slowly, slowly / Whisper, whisper, show me (Oh) / Show me (Show me) / That I’m your one and only / Kiss me, kiss me slowly, slowly / Whisper, whisper, show me / Show me (Show me).”

The track, produced by Valley Girl, is a divine example of what pop music can achieve in the hands of such talented artists.

Watch the music video for Empress Of’s “Kiss Me” featuring Rina Sawayama to experience their celestial artistry.