Emerald M. Dances On The Edge Of Despair & Love In “I Could’ve Died”

Emerald M.

Burmese sensation, Emerald M., known for her myriad of talents, debuts her compelling new song, “I Could’ve Died.” This evocative piece restates the transformative power of love during times when one stands on the precipice of despair.

From her dexterity in playing the piano, drums, and guitar, Emerald’s multifaceted prowess has always enthralled her listeners. This brilliance is once again in the spotlight as she navigates the treacherous waters of heartbreak and resurgence in her new release.

emerald m.

The song begins with a chilling realization of having found a beacon of hope during the most tumultuous of times. With lyrics like, “I’m better now/ Every day a little less tear drops now,” the listener is taken on a rollercoaster of emotions, from the abyss of pain to the pinnacle of gratitude. 

The confessions of struggling with cascading emotions, feeling adrift, and grappling with one’s own conscience makes Emerald’s song resonate with many, “And I’m really missing you somehow/ If I closed my eyes,I/ See you in my mind I/ Fade away,  but it’s ok/ My body’s numb and bleeding/ I focus on my breathing/ Counting down my time/ Till it arrives.”

Her words paint a raw picture, where amidst the pain, the longing, and the shadows, a ray of love shone through, acting as a balm to her wounded spirit. The bridge of the song further heightens this emotion, talking about inner confrontations in solitude, but always harking back to that anchoring presence that prevented a total plunge into desolation.

With “I Could’ve Died,” Emerald M. hopes to extend a message far and wide: That even in the darkest of tunnels, there’s always a light waiting to embrace you. It’s her call to all listeners to acknowledge their worth, to treasure the bonds they share, and to always remember that they’re not alone in their battles.

Emerald M.‘s latest track serves as a musical diary, a beacon, and a comforting embrace all rolled into one. It’s a song for anyone seeking solace, hope, and a reminder of the unfathomable depth of human connection.

Listen to “I Could’ve Died” here:

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