Bleachers’ New Single “Modern Girl” Marks a Feel-Good Beginning to a New Era

Bleachers is back with a fresh single, “Modern Girl,” which is presumably a taste of their upcoming fourth album. This upbeat track showcases the entire band in a lively jam, even featuring a saxophone break courtesy of Evan Smith.

Lead vocalist Jack Antonoff adds a touch of inside humor for fans and fellow band members, playfully including references to Evan Smith and Mikey Freedom Hart with lines like “Mikey Freedom / Heart attack.”

“Modern Girl” could easily serve as an anthem for the weekend, with Antonoff singing about “All the modern girls / Shaking their ass tonight.

The music video, directed by Alex Lockett, captures Bleachers’ carefree energy as the band members rock out, almost as if they were discovered during an impromptu jam session.

Bleachers initially premiered the song on BBC Radio 1, and it’s expected to be featured in Netflix‘s upcoming season of “Sex Education,” as stated in a press release. Last month, the band also released their “Live At Radio City Music Hall” album, recorded during their July 2022 performance at the NYC venue. During that show, they were joined by Bruce Springsteen for a special rendition of their collaboration, “Chinatown.”

While there are no current tour dates announced, Antonoff hinted at the possibility of the return of his Shadow Of The City music festival in 2024.

Check out Bleachers’ “Modern Girl” music video here.