Sabrina Sekuloski Admits She’s ‘Not Broken Beyond Repair’ In Latest Release: “Mosaic”

Sabrina Sekuloski Admits She’s ‘Not Broken Beyond Repair’ In Latest Release: “Mosaic”

Indie Pop singer-songwriter,  Sabrina Sekuloski, originating from the sunny beaches of Sydney, Australia, has recently unveiled her latest single titled “Mosaic.” In this deeply evocative composition, she adeptly weaves a contemplative storyline imbued with honesty. The musician invites her audience to delve into the complex intricacies of a wounded heart, revealing an enthralling creation that portrays the pain of feeling slighted as the world around her crumbles.

Sekuloski contemplates her inclination to stay silent in order to avoid confrontation, as well as the difficult acknowledgment of the pain she has endured. Despite the challenges and unwarranted criticism, Sabrina is determined to rediscover her authentic self, pondering whether she was ever deserving of the relentless negativity that has left her shattered. The song encapsulates the battle to reclaim one’s self-identity and self-esteem in the midst of emotional chaos.

Sabrina Sekuloski

While “Mosaic” takes shape, Sabrina Sekuloski reveals the evolution she goes through: “Do you see me through the cracks?/ After all the uncalled for attacks/ I’ve been finding my way back/ Did I deserve all the flak?/ These matters left me in tatters/ I’m a mosaic of shatters/ I don’t recognise me/ I’m not what I used to be/ It hurts that you don’t even care/ but I’m not broken beyond repair.”

Rejecting the role of a victim, Sekuloski proclaims her commitment to rebuilding herself, arising with greater resilience and newfound strength. Her change is visible, reflecting her evolution from vulnerability and loss of control to discovering inner fortitude. “Mosaic” showcases Sabrina’s remarkable vocal abilities and lyricism, deeply resonating with those who have weathered their own trials and emerged unshaken.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat, Taylor Swift, and John Mayer, Sabrina’s sound defies the confines of genre, perpetually reshaping her artistic path. After her previous EP, Scenic Route, which featured tracks like “Shine,” “Summer Dreaming,” and “Red Convertible” her latest single, “Mosaic,”  marks a new venture into the realm of pop music, where she authentically harnesses her voice and pours forth her raw feelings.

Listen to “Mosaic” below: