Laufey’s Bewitched Album Review: A Modern Jazz Journey with a Pop Twist

Laufey's Bewitched Album Review: A Modern Jazz Journey with a Pop Twist

Laufey‘s second album, Bewitched, is a spellbinding fusion of modern jazz with a pop twist. The Icelandic-Chinese artist’s music is described as having a magical quality, blending traditional jazz and classical sounds with contemporary elements, creating a beautiful middle ground that bridges generations.

Bewitched showcases Laufey’s richly detailed orchestral arrangements and her exceptional musicality, rooted in her background as an acclaimed cellist and her education at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Her lyrics, infused with Gen Z references, capture a range of emotions, from heartbreak to love and loss.

The title track features soaring strings and orchestral twinkles reminiscent of an Alan Menken score, while “California And Me” boasts expansive orchestration courtesy of the Philharmonia Orchestra. “From The Start,” a recent TikTok hit, offers lively jazz-pop with bossa nova influences and scatting.

Laufey’s technical prowess shines throughout the album, whether through wordless interludes channeling romantic piano concertos or her distinctive vocals that pay homage to past icons. In “Letter To My 13-Year-Old Self,” she uses her lower register to deliver a heartfelt message of encouragement, claiming her place in the world of classical and modern music.

Bewitched is a confident and musically ambitious album that blends jazz, pop, and modern classical composition, showcasing Laufey’s unique talent and promising future in the music industry.