Imagine Dragons Release Starfield Anthem “Children Of The Sky”

imagine dragons

American rock band Imagine Dragons has recently released a new song titled “Children Of The Sky“, created for the upcoming sci-fi role-playing game (RPG) Starfield. The song incorporates the game’s main musical theme composed by Inon Zur. The official music video for the song takes viewers on a visual tour of the diverse planets that will be featured in the game Starfield.

Frontman Dan Reynolds expressed the band’s honor in collaborating with game developer Bethesda on this project. He stated, “Bethesda created iconic games we’ve been playing for most of our lives, and we’re honored to have collaborated on this song for Starfield. The song, like the game, asks some of the most difficult questions we face as humans trying to find our place in the universe.”

This isn’t Imagine Dragons’ first venture into the world of video games. The band’s song “Enemy” was featured on the soundtrack of the animated show Arcane, a prequel to Riot Games’ League Of Legends. Additionally, their songs like “On Top Of The World”, “Whatever It Takes”, and “Radioactive” have been featured in various video games such as Beat Saber, FIFA, Madden NFL, MLB The Show, NBA 2K, NHL, and more over the years.

imagine dragons
‘Starfield’ Credit: Xbox Game Studios

Inon Zur, the composer responsible for the game’s main musical theme, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, saying, “The band has created an amazing, emotional, and memorable song, and I joined them in crafting the Starfield motif into the song as well as iconic elements from the Main Theme and the Starfield orchestral treatment. The outcome is a massive celebration for Starfield and I hope that the group’s fans as well as gamers from all over the world will find it as exhilarating and magnificent as we all feel.

“Children Of The Sky” showcases the band’s continued involvement in the gaming world and their ability to create music that resonates with both gaming and music enthusiasts.