Yungblud Addresses Childhood Trauma in Emotionally Charged Single “Hated”


British musician Yungblud, also known as Dominic Harrison, has unveiled a poignant and harrowing new single titled “Hated.” where he candidly delves into his experience of childhood sexual abuse. The release of the single comes in the wake of Yungblud’s recent disclosure about the trauma he endured during his formative years.

In an emotional social media post on August 23rd, Yungblud revealed that he had never before spoken about the incident until he shared it with his producer while crafting the track ‘Hated.’ Describing the song as “the most personal thing I’ve ever released,” Yungblud’s heartfelt lyrics lay bare the pain and complexity of his emotions.

Released on August 24th, the song arrives alongside a powerful music video that features Yungblud singing directly to the camera, further emphasizing the emotional weight of his narrative. The lyrics capture the artist’s struggle and eventual triumph over the trauma:

[Your mum is] probably finding out now in the line to your show / Why you’ll never trust a guy in a tie and a coat,” Yungblud sings in the opening verse. “But you don’t want to do what your daddy did / Bury it deep down keep it under your skin/ So you put pen and paper, made a verse of it.

The track also delves into  Yungblud‘s journey as an artist and his realization of success, even in the face of adversity:

Right now as far as popular opinion goes / You’re a posh, queer-baiting, indulgent arsehole,” he sings. “Some people will thirst on watching you bleed / And that’s when you know that you made it /You made it when you’re hated.”

In the same social media post, Yungblud explains the significance of the song, describing it as “a rallying cry and an exposition of the soul.” He goes on to elaborate:

The song is ultimately about freeing yourself from bad experiences and trauma. finding inner strength. acknowledging your past, accepting the pain and having the courage not to let it define your future.”

“Hated” follows Yungblud’s recent single “Lowlife,” which he has described as marking the dawn of a “new era” in his musical journey.